Sundays kids enjoy learning and living the 252 Basics during the education hour, but children’s ministry at Joy happens more than just on Sundays. There is also Joyful Mission Preschool, Bible Camp, Musicals and special events too. Check us out each Sunday online at

JOY's First Communion

JOY's First Communion class will be held Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 from 9:00a - 2:00p. This class is for any of our young JOY kids who feel curious or who recognize they are missing out on something special during worship. All ages are welcome to join us for this awesome Saturday class. For every child signed up, please plan on an adult who loves them to attend along side. A light breakfast will be provided so please sign up using the link HERE.  Contact Pastor Ryan or Pastor Rod with any questions. 

Sunday School

Sunday School at Joy Lutheran doesn't stop on Sundays! It is the time where you can be sure your family is growing spiritually every week and using the tools they learned on Sunday to guide them through their everyday lives. With the help of a new curriculum (252 basics curriculum), we are able to better engage kids from all ages. Singing, watching, moving, learning, drawing, communicating, thinking and praying; are just some of the ways that kids at Joy Lutheran Sunday School are learning how Jesus is truly intertwined in all we do!

Joyful Mission Preschool

JMP balances child initiated, teacher directed, and developmentally appropriate educational activities. One of our goals is to instill in our preschoolers, a lifelong love for learning. Teachers help each child discover a fascinating world of learning and play. We are proud to say that we’ve served the Parker community since 1979. 

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