We are celebrating 50 years of ministry of our church, Joy Lutheran Church. What an amazing year to focus on the ministry that we have done and what we continue to do together. We have been through many things: times of great growth and love, and times of great difficulty and pain. But through it all, we have been held together, strengthened, encouraged, and sustained by the ongoing presence, power, and love of God.


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Outdoor Worship Space
Initiative #1

Build an outdoor worship space to enhance worship experiences in the presence of the God of All Creation and to celebrate the beauty in which we live.

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Media Outreach
Initiative #2

We have reached a point in our life together where the job of media maintenance and creation requires more resources and it is time for us to designate some of our resources to do this important minstry.

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Volunteer Coordination
Initiative #3

Volunteer Coordination would help to connect our people to our work. It would serve as a bridge between the programming needs of our congregation and the individuals who want to serve.

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