Set Up

Purpose is to set up wine, bread, wafers, and other items for the weekend and holiday worship services. 


  • Work is done in sacristy 
  • Bread, wafers and other necessary needs are in the cupboard or fridge 
  • Wine is in the locked cabinet 
  • Someone will assist and help while
    learning, if you wish 
  • Reference sheets are always available, with specifics for a service noted

Preparation - Preferred time to complete prep is per volunteer’s discretion 


  • Communion preparation is on a four  month assigned worship schedule. 
  • Individuals or teams are usually assigned to do two weekends per schedule. 
  • Contact is made prior to schedule set up in order to check on any possible date conflicts. 
  • Hard copy of assigned schedule is sent out. 
  • There are no meetings.
Clean up

Purpose is to clean up the wine and bread/ wafers along with washing/resetting all communion ware after the final Sunday service.

Elements of Ministry

  • Remove all communion ware from sanctuary to the sacristy for washing and clean-up, including cleaning those items used in the communion preparation
  • Dispose of unused wine and bread in an appropriate way
  • Refill all trays with cups for the next preparation set up
  • Recycle wine and juice bottles

Schedule  - Currently, each volunteer on the team is assigned a specific Sunday (ex: 1st Sunday each month), serving just once per month. Team members are flexible and willing to trade, using email or phoning to make schedule changes.