May is Mental Health Month
It is time to connect with each other, check in and support those struggling with loneliness, isolation, depression and, in the process, create a caring congregation and community.
One in five U.S. adults experiences a mental illness and 17% of youth, 6-17 years of age, experience a mental health disorder. Let us be a welcoming congregation and journey with those individuals in need of a listening ear or someone just being present.
If you are experiencing a crisis,
call or text:
1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
Colorado Crisis Services at
text “TALK” to 38255
COVID Vaccine Information
If you are looking for information on the COVID vaccine, you may find these websites helpful:
If you have difficulty locating the information you need at these sites, feel free to contact our Care Coordinator
Alzheimer's Information & Support
If you are interested in joining an Alzheimer's support group, click HERE to see the days and times the virtual groups meet. Virtual social activities are also available for those caring for early-stage Alzheimer family members. See a sampling of activities HERE.