Help is a Phone Call Away

If someone you care about is struggling with mental health isseus, substance abuse, or emotional issues, please take the first step and ask for help. We are here for you. Reach out to the Pastoral Team by calling 303-841-3739.

In an emergency call:

Colorado Crisis Services at 844-493-8255 or TEXT 38255

Trained counselors are available for immediate and confidential help.

he first week in October is recognized by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as Mental Illness Awareness week, because mental Illness is a very real part of our world.
         *1 in 5 US adults experience mental illness each year
          * 1 in 6 US youth aged 6-17 experience a mental disorder each year
          * Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-34
Awareness of Mental Illness begins with recognizing signs and symptoms which include:
      * feeling very sad or withdrawn for more than 2 weeks
       * trying to harm or end one’s life
       * severe, out of control, risk-taking behavior that may cause harm to self or others
       * sudden overwhelming fear
       * weight loss or gain
       * drastic changes in mood, behavior, personality or sleeping habits
       * difficulty concentrating
       * intense worries that get in the way of daily activities
Help is only a phone call away. Call the church at 303-841-3739 and talk to the pastoral team OR call Colorado Crisis Services at 844-493-8255 or text “TALK” to 38255. Trained counselors are available for immediate and confidential help.
Alzheimer's Information & Support
If you are interested in joining an Alzheimer's support group, click HERE to see the days and times the virtual groups meet. Virtual social activities are also available for those caring for early-stage Alzheimer family members. See a sampling of activities HERE.