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PEACHES & PEARS are coming!
The Rotary Club of Parker is again offering Palisade peaches and pears for an August 27 delivery:
  • 18-pound box of peaches for $42
  • 10-pound box of peaches for $30
  • 10-pound box of pears for $30.
Click HERE to access a safe site to order and pay online for peaches and/or pears. You will have an opportunity to designate that $5.00 of each box purchased goes to JLC.
1) All orders must be received by noon on Saturday, August 13.  
2) The pick-up date is Saturday,
August 27 between 1:00 and 3:00p in the Planet Fitness parking lot (SW corner of Parker Road and Mainstreet)
3) Any orders that are not picked up at that time will be donated.
Questions? Please contact: