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Perhaps you have seen the Spark Joy info and wondered why?

Or what is going on now at Joy?

Or what is it all about?

Spark Joy is just a friendly reminder to all of us that we need to take a few extra moments and go out of our way to be nice or do something nice for someone else. These small acts make a difference, not just in the life that was touched, but in our life too. Because it is not the deed itself that makes a difference. It is because one small act of kindness and love "sparks" joy that grows and spreads in people's hearts. Taking time for others in small and large ways is being God's love in the world. 

Here is how one member put it:

 We think it is up to us to “Spark Joy” in the world— and it is—- as long as we gasp that we are merely channels of His Joy, His Grace.
    We begin by trusting in God’s Presence, at all times active in His World. He is continuously creating, sanctifying and saving us— and we by faith can see Him, expressing Himself through all humanity, that is busy loving and serving and creating, all around us, every moment of our lives.
    Can we let go of our need to be in control, let go of our certainties, (absolutes, and assumptions and expectations,) and SEE with eyes of faith? 
It is “ transfiguring”!
    Mary C.