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Since Mother's Day is this Sunday, you most likely have seen many ads, posts or articles about all the special things you can do to celebrate your mother this weekend. But what about folks who no longer have a mother or perhaps never knew her. They (maybe you) may think that Mother's Day doesn't apply to them, but if you think about it there is always someone in our lives who has shown us motherly love. 

Here are some examples to help you think:

  • The neighbor who always makes your favorite cookies and drops them off for you.
  • Your sister who is a great listener.
  • A friend's mother who welcomes you into your home as one of her own.
  • The lady at the grocery store who greets you with a smile and genuinely wants to know how you are doing.

Do something nice for them. Bring them flowers, write them a note or send them a card. Whatever you do, let them know how much you appreciate their kindness and then remember how much God loves you that He brought these people into your life.