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We had a very successful donation drive for the Marshall fire assistance drive.  Approximately 20 truck loads of goods and over $3,000 in gift cards in conjunction with the efforts of Scout Troop 494. We had in excess of 50 volunteers help receive, sort, pack, and transport items to secure, climate-controlled storage until needed. At this time, we are pausing all clothing and toiletry donations. Do not worry. There will be more opportunities to give in the near future. Members of the JOY Marshall fire assistance team will transport the requested necessities to facilities as directed in the coming days and weeks. The fire assistance team will meet each Thursday afternoon at 3p for updates, and to determine the next steps in this assistance process. We intend to keep the congregation updated. What a blessing! Thank you to those who volunteered, those who donated items, and all who gave beyond anyone's expectations!! Grace and Peace! - Paul H.