World Hunger Campaign

Freed in Christ World Hunger CampaignIn observance of this historical event,  Joy Lutheran Church Hunger Committee is using this as an opportunity to learn more about Martin Luther and his teachings and how we can put those teachings into action.  The committee will be collecting donations through Reformation Sunday which will go to support our world’s hungry refugees through ELCA World Hunger.
Join us and congregations around the world by putting Christ’s words into action and helping those people who,  after a long and dangerous journey to safety,  are in desperate need of the very basic of human needs - food and water.
It takes just $200 to feed modest meals to one family for a month.  How many families can we feed?  We kicked off the campaign with the Noisy Offering at Joyful Celebration. WOJ (Women of Joy) are also graciously donating all proceeds from their Bake Sale on September 23/24 and over the next few weeks until Reformation Day you will have an opportunity to learn the facts about refugees, meet them and their families and discover how important it is to support our hungry brothers and sisters all over the world.

Meet the Refugees  


Anna is 14 years old and a refugee living in the South Sudan. She was displaced when fighting broke out near her home and she was forced to leave with her family. She has been living in the Meckenem camp for 8 months. Watch her story and others.

what is it like to have no home?What’s it Like to have no Home? 

British children and child refugees ask and answer questions about the refugee crisis.

The Kafley FamilyKafley Family

Meet Tika and Yadu Kafley, who fled Bhutan and went to Nepal where they stayed as refugees for 18 years. 
Follow the Kafley family from Nepal to Chicago where they were finally able to live in a permanent home.