Joy Youth Group Gaga Ball Pit Fundraiser

DonateThe JYG (Joy Youth Group) came up with an awesome idea! They want to build a GaGa Ball Pit for the young, young at heart, and for those just wanting to capture a piece of their youth again.

Gaga Ball

What is it? - Simply - a fun game for all ages! GaGa Ball consists of a lightweight bouncy or foam ball and an octagon enclosure known as the "GaGa Ball Pit." The object of the game is to hit the ball at or below opponents' knees to eliminate them from the pit. The last one left in the GaGa Ball Pit is the winner.
It’s a Craze! - If you asked any of the kids how they enjoyed Sky Ranch, Rainbow Trail or Outdoor Ed you will hear all about how they played Gaga Ball.  Some churches (Crossroads) and Schools (Mammoth Heights Elementary) in Parker have one, too. 

Why @ Joy? - The Youth thought it would be a fun way for people of all ages to connect. Since the pit will be outside, it can be a group activity during a picnic or other churches could be invited over for a friendly game and a BBQ. The GaGa Pit is not just a game. It’s another way we can GROW within our church and our community - sharing God’s love in a fun way. 

Where is it Going to go? -  The pit will be located near the sheds between the side walk making it a perfect location to enjoy the covered picnic area for shade. 

Who Makes the Pit? - Coach Cliff’s Gaga Pits has proven tol withstand the Colorado weather. It’s made of composite board stronger than Trex type decking with no maintenance. Joy will be constructing the pit on Servant Day, May 13th.

This Sounds Fabulous! How can I Help? - You can help by making a donation. Our goal is to raise $3000 which will cover all the expenses in materials and construction of the pit. Any additional funds received will go to other Joy youth programs. 
Watch the Fun!